American Journal of Scientific Research

Issue 100
February, 2014

Assessment the Effects of Empowerment of Human Resources on Organizational Performance
Ali Mohaghar, Mohammad Hakkak and Kobra Khoram

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectsof empowerment of human resources on organizational Performance and explore Prioritize each of the variables empowerment and organizational performance of the degree of importance in great tehran registration of deeds and properties organization. Design/methodology/approach: A total of 265 Sampling from a finite population of the employees of the great tehran registration of deeds and properties organization were taken.The applied research methodology is based on Pearson Correlation Coefficient, structural equations modelling.To test the model Spreitzer's empowerment questionnaire and the researcher made questionnaire was applied and then analyzed. Findings: Finding clearly demonstrate that empowerment of human resources have a direct ,meaningful and positive effects on organizational performance and dimentions of it(organizational performance) .Results of SEM in the field of organizational performance emphasize on the following dimensions in order of importance: job satisfaction, effectiveness, context performance, innovation, customer-oriented, and proud in job,Meanwhileimpact, trust ,meaning, competency, and choice are regarded as the most important factors in the field of empowerment of human resources. Research limitations/implications : The present study does have a number of methodologicallimitations that suggest areas for future research. First, the sample was from a public company, and this unique setting may limit the external validity of the findings. Second, the country in which the authors tested the hypothesis is an Islamic country with different cultural values from western countries and this fact might limit the generalization of the findings. But the authors believe that the proposed model and results of this research can aid organization employees to be empowerment and offer better service quality to their customers. Originality/value : The paper may be of high value to researchers and managers in Human Resource Management scopes. Results of this research have valuable guideline that can have tangible outcome for organizations.
Keyword: Empowerment of human resources, Organizationalperformance, Registration of deeds and properties organization, Iran.

Numerical and Empirical Investigation of an Urban Bus in Order to Reduce its Fuel Consumption and Pollution
Nima Nematzadeh, Zahra Abedi and Farideh Atabi

In this project, we are about to investigate one of the most important methods for reducing fuel consumption and the following pollution caused by automobile. Fuel consumption of automobiles and diffusion of pollution into the air have a direct relationship with shape of car body. Previous studies suggest that the most part of engine power is consumed to overcome the friction caused by the aerodynamic property. As a result, it is very important to design the automobile in the optimized manner so as to reduce the air resistance force. In this project, setting a basic bus as platform, a modified bus is designed and two maquettes were built for the both buses. Then several tests were carried out by placing them inside wind tunnel. Next, in order to validate and simulate the model, geometries of the buses were mapped using Catia software. Gambit software was also utilized for meshing. Finally, simulation process was carried out using CFD in Ansys software. Applying some modifications to the roof, floor, air chamber, and side mirrors, drag coefficient reduced to 47%, and fuel consumption was also decreased to the range of 0.56 to 13.78 liter per hour.
Keywords: Exterior view of bus, Aerodynamic covering, Simulation, Drag coefficient.

Parenting Style and Children Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Samira Yazdani, Marziyeh Hadavand, Rohollah Hajizadeh Damghani and Zahra Noori

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a chronic and behavioral control disorder, which is most often identified in kids. ADHD is usually defined as a neurological disorder; however, there are important family factors that effect on it. The purpose of the present study was to determine the relationship between parenting style and ADHD in children. The respondents were 100 mothers of ADHD children 5-12 years old who were referred to the clinics of Kerman city and 100 mothers of children without ADHD. The instrument used for data collection include Baumrind’s parenting style. The findings of the study indicated that there was a significant difference between parenting style in mothers of ADHD children and mothers of normal children. Also, results of the present study indicated that authoritative mothers are as a strongest predictor of ADHD.

Facility Layout through the Intertextual Utilization of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (PSO) and Genetic Algorithm

Majid Nasiri and Mahboubeh Zarezadeh

Facility layout depends on the arrangements of work centers, productive and service sectors of organizations. In this research, a number of research permutations are represented and through the intertextual utilization of particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) and genetic algorithm, a number of research samples are tested and deducted. Furthermore, C programming language and Net 2010 and Microsoft Visual software applications are utilized. A series of distinct processes are appointed for each PSO algorithm and genetic algorithm. Such distinct processes materialize the opportunity for software applications to utilize two distinct procedures simultaneously in real time. In this research, scholarly preference of PSO algorithm over genetic algorithm is apparent due to id precision and efficiency.
Keywords: Layout, Limited Permutation Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (PSO), Genetic Algorithm.

Examining the Relationships of the Warehouse Inventory of Food Factories using the Integrative Cognitive Maps Method and the Systems Approach (Case Study: The Chitoz Potato Chips Factory)

Mostafa Kazemi and Mahboubeh Zarezadeh

A warehouse is a place where one or more than one type of commercial and industrial goods, raw materials or various products are properly stored and categorized based on a certain system. Trade is based on purchasing and selling goods by commercial institutes in every country. Therefore, warehouse inventory makes up the majority of capital in commercial companies, and warehouses are considered one of the main elements of trade. As environmental impacts are further complicated, one-dimensional shallow decisions cannot solve multidimensional and complicated problems ahead of organizations. Managers should be equipped with an effective tool in order to be able to tackle such problems. The systems approach can greatly help managers to better understand and solve problems ahead of organizations. The cognitive map is a process in which a network of the factors and relationships of a complicated phenomenon could be presented in the form of a map or a diagram. This process could also indicate how a system operates. The current paper examines the relationships of the warehouse inventory of the Chitoz Potato Chips Factory using the integrative cognitive map method and the systems approach.
Keyword: Relationships of the warehouse inventory, cognitive map, systematic approach.

Providing a Model to Assess the Agility Capabilities of Tehran Municipality through the Fuzzy Inference (Case Study: District 10 of Tehran Municipality)

Dariush Zarrinpour and Nazanin Pilevari

Fulfilling the social needs based on providing a variety of urban services is one of the key factors for an organization with the responsibility of providing services to the community. Nowadays, the needs of a modern and developed city arealways changing and growing due to the increasing growth of technology as well as the citizens' diverse demands, which are increasing every moment, andsuch these organizations should meet the needs. Hence, the service-oriented organizations, which can respond to theirbeneficiaries and customers' needswith the highest quality and in the shortest time, will becomesuccessful in this regard. Therefore, this paper investigates the existence, measurement and finally manufacturing a model for theagility capabilities in TehranMunicipality as the community-based service organization by the help of fuzzy inference which is one of the powerful mathematical inferences forconclusions. In this regard, we measure the agility capabilitiesincluding the speed, competency, flexibility and responsiveness.
Keywords: Fuzzy Inference, Agility, Agility Capabilities.

Impact of Word-of-Mouth Communication on Brand Loyalty: Empirical Evidence from Telecom Sector in Pakistan
Muhammad Ehsan Malik, Basharat Naeem and Madiha Munawar

Word-of-mouth (WOM) communication is becoming more effective in current dynamic and challenging environment, where traditional media has become obsolete due to emergence of technology. In thrust of keeping the customers loyal in such scenario is focus of marketers. In the same vain, this study predicts that WOM influences brand loyalty of consumers in telecom sector of Pakistan. Data collected through self-administered questionnaire of 192 respondents was analysed through bivariate regression analysis and correlation analysis. Results revealed the strong, positive and significant relationship between WOM and brand loyalty. The study presents implications for theoreticians and marketers.
Keywords: Word-of-mouth (WOM), brand loyalty, telecom sector, Pakistan.

Reduction of the Tax Burden as a Factor in Economic Development of Iran

Ali Asgar TorabAhmadi

Although taxes are one of the most important, stable, and reliable sources of income for governments to achieve big economic objectives in the course of sustainable economic development, economic efficiency of tax and also tax burden and reducing it should be taken into account when levying taxes, because taxes, both direct and indirect, would have various impacts on the economic behavior of people and cause sources shift between private and public sector. Today, tax system cannot be viewed as neutral, because people consider tax in their different the economic activities such as consumption, production, work, etc. Given the importance of reduction of tax burden as one of the most important factors in economic development in Iran, the present paper aims to study this issue using indifference curve and by analyzing the welfare effects of tax and features of the tax system. After studying the importance of tax; The economic efficiency of tax; effects of tax on economic components such as income, savings, labor supply, and social welfare; and many issues affecting the tax transfer, factors that are effective in the reduction of the tax burden and its negative impact on the economy were investigated. These issues were also studied in the scope of the Iranian tax system since the amendment of the tax law. The results show that the criteria, features, and components causing the reduction of tax burden, as a key factor in economic development, are incorporated in the provisions of the tax law, Iranian tax system, economic development plan and development projects, and also in Islamic School. The tax system of the country is continuously evaluated based on above-mentioned criteria and indices and considering the economic efficiency of tax, yielding very good impacts so far.
Keywords: Tax; Tax burden; Economic efficiency of tax; overall social welfare; Economic development.

“Antecedents of Employee Loyalty among Public School Teachers in Malaysia: The Influence of Family Support and Motivation”

Anantha Raj A. Arokiasamy, Abdul Ghani Kanesan Bin Abdullah and Aziah Binti Ismail

Good organizations understand that loyal employee will result in a better business performance, so many are placing greater emphasis on measuring employee loyalty and how to motivate them in order to keep their staff happy. Loyal employee can be very valuable assets to the organization as they can help to gain as much profits for the organization. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between family support and motivational factors on employee loyalty among 85 teachers in twelve “National Schools of Tamil Medium” in Perak, Malaysia. Data was gathered using self-administered research questionnaires to the respondents using systematic random sampling. Descriptive analysis was utilized to describe respondents and the Pearson Product Moment Correlation was used to assess the influence of the independent variables on its dependent. The study showed that family support and motivational factors has a positive relationship with employee loyalty. The research provided a better understanding regarding motivational factors effecting employee loyalty in the government public schools. The results can help educational leaders to increase teachers’ motivation for the job performed and promote organizational citizenship among employees.
Keywords: Motivational factors, employee loyalty and family support.

The Humanities in Engineering Education: An Islamic Approach
Mohd Nuri Al Amin Endut and Zawawi Ismail

The role of the engineer should not be regarded as a purely technical or mechanical profession. Engineers are actually taking on an important societal role to shape and even ‘design’ society’s way of life, just as much as the engineer has the ability to design his or her projects. Thus for potential Muslim engineers, it is significantly important for Muslim engineering students not only to be aware of their social and professional responsibilities, but also to be more critical of the religious impact inflicted by their design projects. As such they should be exposed to a holistic engineering education that also emphasizes religious conceptual thought rather than solely focusing on technical based knowledge. In short, universities in Islamic countries should be more concerned on the effect of western critical thinking, which puts aside religious consciousness and motivation from its views and theories, on the perception of Muslim students. Alternatively tertiary education should consider introducing the Islamic perspective of engineering that has its own philosophical and psychological concept in shaping the students’ thought. This paper focuses on the importance of the humanities aspect in engineering education especially from the Islamic perspective. It will also reveal the need for promoting Islamic conceptual thinking to Muslim engineering undergraduates in order to contribute not just to Muslim societies, but to humanity at large.
Keywords: Engineering education, humanities, Islamic education, spirituality, tertiary education.

The Effects of Individual Motivations and Social Capital on Employees’ Tacit and Explicit Knowledge Sharing Intentions

Hojjat Taheri Goodarzi and Samira Salehian

The purpose of this study is to determine whether personal motivations and social capital have an influence on employees’ tacit and explicit knowledge sharing intentions Petrochemical Company of Kermanshah Province. We investigate personal motivations as three components: organizational rewards, reciprocity, and enjoyment. The results showed that the organizational rewards, enjoyment and social capital impact on cooperation of employee in tacit and explicit knowledge sharing and. From personal motivation components the organizational rewards has an effect on tacit knowledge sharing intention and enjoyment can be more effective on explicit knowledge sharing intention.
Keywords: Tacit knowledge sharing intention, Explicit knowledge sharing intention, Individual motivation, Social capital.

Caractérisation Des Saisons À Partir Des Profils De Vents Observés Par Radar Vhf En Afrique De l’Ouest

Houngninou B. Etienne, Kougbéagbédè Hilaire, Moumouni Sounmaïla, Guédjé K. François, Allé C. S. Ulrich, Adéchinan A. Joseph and Houngninou T. Erik

La variabilité de la mousson Ouest africaine a eu des conséquences socio-économiques et environnementales sur les populations. Cette variabilité est intimement liée à la circulation atmosphérique, qui d’ailleurs joue un rôle dominant dans l’organisation de la mousson. Les présents résultats expérimentaux renseignent sur la dynamique des vents à travers les caractéristiques des jets. Les données proviennent d’un radar VHF profileur de vent installé au Bénin, précisément à Nangatchori (9°6472N, 1°7411E) au cours de la campagne de mesures du programme AMMA (2006-2007). Cette étude montre la présence du Jet d’Est Africain (JEA) dans la troposphère moyenne (2-4 km). Elle montre, en outre, la présence du Jet d’Ouest Subtropical (JOST) et du Jet d’Est Tropical (JET) dans la haute troposphère (10 km). Les profils obtenus laissent distinguer de façon remarquable deux grandes saisons caractérisant l’OHHVO (Observatoire Hydrométéorologique de la Haute Vallée de l'Ouémé). La CAH (Classification Ascendante Hiérarchique) appliquée aux vitesses moyennes et fréquences de direction du vent à 10 km d’altitude associées au cumul mensuel de pluie confirme l’existence des deux grandes saisons : une saison sèche (novembre à mars) et une saison humide (avril à octobre). La saison humide est caractérisée par trois phases: la phase pré-humide (avril, mai, juin), le cœur de la saison humide (juillet, août, septembre) et la phase post-humide (octobre).
Mots clés: Jets, mousson Ouest-africaine, circulation atmosphérique, Bénin.

The Level of Academic Ego among Ordinary Children and those with Learning Disabilities from the Teachers' Perspective in Hail District
D. Mohammed Abed Rabbo Hindi Alkhawaldeh

The purpose of this study is to investigate the level of academic Ego among students with learning disabilities and ordinary students, and if that level varies depending on the variables of gender, age or the interaction between them, the participants were (420) male and female students; 210 were ordinary students and 210 were students with learning disabilities, these students were chosen from schools which contain resources room in Hail Directorate of Education. For the purpose of data collection, the researcher applied the scale of academic Ego which he prepared for this purpose. The results indicated that ordinary students and students with learning disabilities have shown a moderate level of academic Ego in favor of ordinary students. And the results also indicated the presence of statistically significant differences in the level of academic Ego among ordinary students and students with learning disabilities in favor of ordinary students on the tool in general and sub-dimensions.
Keywords: Learning difficulties, Academic Ego.

The Role of Heads of Academic Departments in the Northern Border University in Achieving a Comprehensive Quality from Faculty Members' Perspective

Subhiya Abu Hatab, Kholoud Ahmad Khasawneh and Najwa Ahmad

This study aimed to know the viewpoint of faculty members at the University of Northern Border on the role of heads of academic departments in achieving the overall quality standards, and also aimed to investigate the effect of gender, experience, qualification, academic rank on the point of view of faculty members The study sample consisted of 120 faculty members 63 males and 59 females from the Northern Borders University. Means and standard deviations and t-test were used to analyze the results. The results showed that there were statistically significant differences in the views of the faculty members on the role of heads of academic departments in achieving quality standards, also showed a statistically significant differences at the level of significance (α = 0,05) in their views attributed to the experience, as there are statistically significant differences at the level of significance (α = 0,05) in their views attributed to sex, and results also showed the existence of clear statistically significant differences in the views of the faculty members on the role of heads of departments in the application of comprehensive quality standards due to the Qualification and academic Rank variables.
Keywords: The views of faculty members, the overall quality.

Online Social Networks Influence on Organizational Happiness
Amir Nazavi and Mohammad.R.Fallah

This research intends to study relation between online social networks abilities and organizational happiness. Statistical society of present research includes all the personnel of Alborz Insurance Company who use online social networks. Using simple sampling method, forty samples were elected for this research. A questionnaire was data collection tool that its reliability was calculated 0.77 by Cronbach's Alpha. Regression Analysis, Pearson Test, Variance Analysis, Independent one-sample t-test and two-sample t-test and Friedman Test were used to study research hypotheses by SPSS software. The results show that online social networks abilities are in positive relation with organizational happiness. It is recommended that organizational managers pay more attention to online social networks abilities, therefore, influencing the organization members’ happiness, they can increase satisfaction and obligation and as a result organizational efficiency.
Keywords: Social Online Networks, Organizational Happiness, Personal Files, Security Function, Networking, Search, Support/Technical Guide.