American Journal of Scientific Research

Issue 76
September, 2012

Study of Optical Properties of (PVA-BaSO4.5H2O) Composites
Ziyyad S. Ahmed, Ahmed Hashim, Bahaa H. Rabee and Alaa Jewad

Blood Pressure, Electrocardiographic and Values of some Serum Enzymes Subsequent Ritalin Administration in Normal Dogs
Mehrdad Neshat Garamaleki and Mohammad Amin Shahbazi

Effects of Garlic (Allium sativum) Aqueous Extract (GAE) on Serum Values of Albumin, Globulin and Total Protein Compared with Chromium Chloride in Male Rats
Jamshid Ghiasi Ghalehkandi, Ramin Salamatdout Nobar and Alireza Ahmadzadeh

Small Buddha Images: Temple Management to Sustain Beliefs and Rituals in the Central Region of Thailand
Lui Kansomkriat, Songkoon Chantachon and Marisa Koseyayotin

Evaluation of ICT usage in English Language Instruction: Iranian English Teachers' Perspective
Neda Fatehi Rad

Image Retrieval using Neural Network and Texture Feature
Hassan Farsi and Sajad Mohamadzadeh

Evaluating the Rural Development of Savojbolag in Karaj by the Members of the Rural Cooperatives, and Examining the Influencing Factors
Jafar Samaee

The Relationship between Productivity and Credit Risk in the Banking Industry
Mohammad Taqi Amini, Mohammad Mehdi Parhizgar and Maesomeh Abdolrezaei Madani

Evaluation of Macro Economic Policies Effect on Agricultural Sector Trading in Iran
Zhaleh Davarpanah, Shahrokh Shajari and Morteza Hasanshahi

Progress in Plasma Assisted Reforming of Biogas for Fuel Gas Upgrading
Patipat Thanompongchart and Nakorn Tippayawong

Modelling of the Driving Factors in Inclination of Students toward Three Types of Addiction (Hookah, Cigarette, and Alcohol) using the Data Mining Approach
Ali A. Jama’at

Investigation the Relationship between Spiritual Health and Job Satisfaction of Nurses Working in Abhar Emdadi and Khoramdare Bou Ali Sina Hospitals Dependent on Zanjan University of Medical Science 2011-2012
Nassrin Soltani Molayaghobi, Shahrzad Ghiyasvandian, Mohamad Masoud Vakili and Farid Asgari

Spatial Organization in Cafés and user Preferences: Turkey – Trabzon Sample
?lkay Masat Özdemir and Aylin Aras

A New Model for Information Security Management in Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture
Safiollah Heidari and Shahriar Mohammadi

Introducing Spiritual Intelligence Pattern based on Promoting Employee’s Commitment: A Case Study
Mehdi Kheirandish, Alireza Afsharnezhad and Siavosh Hassanabadi