American Journal of Scientific Research

Issue 83
December, 2012

Comparative Study between the Notions of Baha Alvalad and Molavi
Alireza Sezavar

Integration of Mobile Ad hoc and WIMAX Networks with Approach of Admission Control and Hand off Combination Applied in Telemedicine Services
Mehdi Mafi

Estimation in Step- Stress Partially Accelerated Life Tests for the Generalized Inverted Exponential Distribution using Type I Censoring
R. A. Bakoban

Analysis of Z-scan for a Thin Nonlinear Medium: Comparisons between Gaussian Decomposition Model and Thermal Lens Model
Mina Eslamifar and Hassan Zare Asl

Remittances, GDP and Youth Unemployment: Do Remittances have Positive Impact on GDP of Pakistan? If yes, how can the Government Increase them?
Muhammad Umar, Abdul Razzaq Azad and Mazhar Abbas

Implications of New Trade Theory for Firms’ Internationalization: A Strategic Trade Policy Framework
Sulaman Hafeez Siddiqui, Muahmmad Zafarullah, Fawad Ashraf Sheikh, Muhammad Salman Shabbir, Rabia Salman, Muhammad Farooq Shabbir and Muhammad Asif Tanvir

The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in Education Departments’ Staff of Golestan Province
Mahmod Khanjari, Kazem shariatnia and Ali asghar Bayani

Study of the Concept of Tradition in the Holy Quran
Kavoos Rouhi Barandagh

Evaluation of Factors Affecting Peaceful Behavior of Iranian Independent Auditors
Saeed Poiamehr

The Relationship between Ethical Leadership, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment with Reference to Iranian Private Companies
Hamed Babaei

Are Foreign Banks more Vigilant than Domestic Banks Regarding Risk Management?
Hashim Awais Butt, Mian Sajid Nazir and Adeel Daniel

Empowerment Model of Human Resource, Case Study: Fars-No Cement Company
Laya Pouresmaeil and Negin Zohourizanganeh

Ocular Findings in Leprosy Patients in Northwestern Iran
Naser Samadi Aidenloo, Marjan Sajjadi Jazi and Peyman Mikaili

The Comparative Study of the Effects of Information and Communications Technology on Economic Growth in Selected Oil and Non-Oil Countries
Javad Salahi and Abbas Pakari

Restoring and Organizing Visual Perspective of Old-Textured Streets of the Cities with a Case Study
Amir Arjmand and Feridoun Nahidiazar