American Journal of Scientific Research

Issue 99
Jan, 2014

The Effect of Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance in Iran Case Study: Parsian Insurance Company in Mashhad
Ehsan N Mohammad Reza Zabihi and Parisa Sabbagh Kalat

Purpose: The current study aims to investigate the existing relationship between knowledge management infrastructures, knowledge management process capabilities, creative organizational learning, and organizational performance. Methodology: This article intends to study an insurance company in which knowledge management system had been already performed and research hypotheses had been tested applying the achieved data from 90 distributed questionnaires; various statistical methods were also analyzed. Findings: The findings of this study indicate that all variables of knowledge management infrastructure capabilities of knowledge management except the variable of ‘decentralization’ support knowledge management process capabilities. Knowledge management process capabilities and creative organizational learning mediate the relationship between knowledge management infrastructures and organizational performance. Originality/value: Previous researches did not appraise the effect of knowledge management and its capabilities on organizational performance, and the specific influence of creative organizational learning was disregarded. The present study demonstrates the mechanism of knowledge management effect on organizational performance and describes the comprehensive dimensions of knowledge management performance; therefore, it sheds light the advantages of applying knowledge management system in different organizations.
Keyword: Knowledge management, knowledge management infrastructure capabilities, knowledge management process capabilities, creative organizational learning, organizational performance, Iran.

Relationship between Emotional Intelligence with Burnout among Payame Noor University Employees
Sara Alizadeh, Maryam Bohlouli, Serveh Dadras, Bahjat Ansari and Mir Reza Bani Hashemi

The main purposes of the current study were to examine the relation between emotional intelligence with burnout among payame Noor university employees.Data from 120 participants(60 male,60 females) were examined using measures of emotional intelligence(Emotional Quotient Inventory,(EQ-i), burnout(Maslach's Burnout Inventory (MBI). The result of present study indicated that: significant negative relationship were reported for emotional exhaustion and two dimensions of EI, emotional management and emotional control and between depersonalization and emotional management and emotional control. Personal accomplishment, showed significant positive relationship with four of the five dimensions of EI. significant relationship were found between depersonalization and emotional exhaustion. The EI dimensions which predicted the greatest variance in the dimensions of burnout included: emotional management and understanding emotions external in emotional exhaustion, emotional management for depersonalization and understanding emotions external for personal accomplishment. Implication for future research are discussed.
Keywords: Emotional intelligence, Burnout employee.

Designing of Demand Models for Freight Public Transport in Intercity Roads of Iran

Shahriar Afandizdeh, Mahmoud Ameri and Bahman Eshghi

Basically the freight demand forecasting for usage of maximum of availability to transportation facility is necessary .The base of this procedure is dividing the territory to different zones and forecasting the freight interchange in horizon consequently. In this case ,according the collected information in base of political separation of country to 32 provinces ,territory is divided to same pattern firstly and with usage of CUBE software the total interchange between the 32 zones is forecasted at 2025.for developing this method in Rail & Road transportation in Iran, this paper is prepared Consequentiality , the Result of this paper is the volume of Goods which will be transported in 32 zones at year2025.the classification of Goods with usage of the data bank of road and transportation ministry of Iran is done, and in order to evaluation of resolution , the collected data for the year 2011,is compared with the software results and it shows the high adaption.
Keywords: Fright, Programming, modeling, Rail & Road application, CUBE.

Cost-Benefit Analysis to Build Common Unit of Biogas in Rural Iran

Farzaneh Ghaemi, Hossein Sadeghi and Mohammad Sadegh Ghazizadeh

Excessive consumption of fossil fuel resources and environmental problems associated with their use, has led all countries, including Iran, to the use of renewable energies. Biogas is one of the important renewable energy resources. Due to low livestock waste per capita of rural households in Iran, for the construction individual units of biogas; this paper suggests that to provide rural energy needs, a common unit of biogas in each village (for the whole village) to be built. This paper, using the Cost - Benefit Analysis, paid economic evaluation of construction of common units of biogas in rural areas of Iran, both private and social point of view. For this purpose, rural of Iran are classified based on the amount of livestock waste can be collected in the rural. The results of both analyzes indicate construction of common units of biogas in rural areas of Iran is economically justified.
Keywords: Anaerobic digestion, Biogas, Common unit of biogas, Cost-benefit analysis, Iran, Rural.
JEL Classification Codes: I10, Q29, Q40, Q53.

Human Dignity from the Views of Older Adults and Health Care Givers. A Review of Literature

Fariba Tabari, Morteza Khaghanizade, Nahid Dehghan-Nayeri and Soheil Najafi Mehri

Maintaining dignity is the most important issue in old age which affects psychological health of the elderly. The present review of the literature aimed to investigate the concept of dignity and factors influencing it, in view of healthy and patient older adults, as well as healthcare givers.In the present study, the following websites were used: SID, Prequest, Cochran, Elsevier, Web of Science, PubMed, Magiran, Google scholar, and Iran medex. Initially, subject search, MESH, and keywords from 2000 to 2013 were used. Eventually, 24 articles with “dignity” as keyword remained and were studied.Concept of dignity varies, depending on understanding of the elderly. In view of a healthy older adult dignity meant inherent dignity, being active and respected, and interaction with others, and in view of older adults, dignity meant attention to pain, concerns about illness, and relationship with staff. Also, a healthy older adult considered dignity in having family relationships, care by the family, living in his own house, and the older adults regarded competence and courtesy of staff and acceptance of their weakness by the caregivers effective in maintaining dignity. However, health caregivers considered appropriate grounding including organizational factors necessary for maintaining human dignity.Given the views of the elderly about maintaining dignity and its dimensions, it is recommended that to maintain dignity of the elderly, nurses, caregivers and families should have necessary education.
Human dignity, healthy elderly, patient elderly

Experiences of Applying Thetent Structures among Nomads (Case Study: Kalhor Tribe)

Nourmohammad Afshar and Ehsan Darioushi

Black nomadic tents (dowar)are the symbols of indigenous designingfor achieving theobjectives of environmental pattern in a nomadic structure. This original architecture and ethnic innovationhas been put at risk due to the emergence of canvas tents. Therefore, this study seeks todocument it. It is necessary to document different spaces which generate these black tents. For this purpose, the interview was conducted with Kalhor tribe women who are the main bases for pitching the black tents. Analysis indicates that different spaces are created in Yaylag and Gishlag both outside and inside of tents and these spaces are separated by cotton separators. Results indicate that the privacy is met as one of the factors affecting the Iranian architecture on the one hand and on the other handapplication of local materials as one of the factors in sustainable architecture. Thus, the black tents can be taken into account as the ring for linking the sustainable and Iranian architecture.
Keywords: Black tents, architecture, space, tribe, Kalhor.

The Study of Rehabilitation Factors Related to Satisfaction of Disabled Families from the Performance of the Care Homes of Mashhad
M.Movahed Majd, M.M and M. Allami Sanjani, M.A

This study has been done with the purpose of investigating the relationship between rehabilitation factors and the level of satisfaction among families of disabled people who are residing in Mashhad welfare centers and institutions. The study was conducted with the survey method to assess 401 people of families of disabled people. Generally the results of research indicate that the level of satisfaction was very high among 16.2% of respondents, mediocre among 68.8% of them and 15% of respondents expressed low satisfaction. Findings of inferential statistics shows that rehabilitation factors, the sex of disabled, the type of disability, the extent of disability, the type of the Care Home and the number of the disabled in the family have meaningful relationship with the level of satisfaction. Multi-variable analysis shows that independent factors such as the commensurability of the service with the tuition fee and the type of the Care Home have meaningful relationship with the dependent variable and had explained 69 percent of its changes.
Keywords: Family- disabled person- center for disabled people- expectation- services.

The Study of Socio-Economic Factors Related to Satisfaction of Families of the Disabled from the Performance of the Care Homes of Mashhad

M. Movahed Majd, M.M. and M. Allami Sanjani

This study has been done with the purpose of investigating the relationship between socio-economic factors and the level of satisfaction among families of disabled people who are residing in Mashhad welfare centers and institutions. The study was conducted with the survey method to assess 401 people of families of disabled people. Generally the results of research indicate that the level of satisfaction was very high among 16.2% of respondents, mediocre among 68.8% of them and 15% of respondents expressed low satisfaction. Findings of inferential statistics shows that social factors, the number of children in the family, meeting the expectations of families have meaningful relationship with the level of satisfaction. Economic factors such as family income, paid fee were related significantly to the dependent variable. Multi-variable analysis shows that independent factors such as the level of meeting the expectations of families, intellectual disablement, the age of parents have meaningful relationship with the dependent variable and had explained 65 percent of its changes.
Keywords: Family- disabled person- center for disabled people- services- expectation.

Fixed Point of Mapping Satisfying the Kannan Contractive Condition of Integral Type on Generalized Metric Spaces

Malihe Anjam

We establish a fixed point theorem in the generalized metric space introduced by Branciari for mappings satisfying a general Kannan contractive inequality of integral type.
Keywords: Fixed point; generalized metric space; contractive mapping.

Impact of Oil Revenues on the Steel Sector Growth
Neda Asefi

This study examines the factors affecting growth in production of iron and steel sector, with emphasis of oil revenues for the period 1368-1387. Exogenous growth model is used to explain the growth in iron and steel production. This study using a new approach to time-series econometric Co integration methods has estimated long-term relationship also in the form of a vector auto regression model has examined momentum effect and analysis of prediction error variance. For this purpose, in the model has been used the data of employment and value added in the iron and steel products, oil revenues and producer price index. Results from long-term pattern is indicative of the expectations theory and modeling variables have positive and significant impact on the value added are iron and steel sector. Also based on the results, the oil revenues after the value added in iron and steel sector have the highest share in explanation of logarithmic error variance for the value added iron and steel sector.
Keywords: Iron and steel sector, oil revenues, the collective approach.

A Multi-Mode OTA-C Two Squaring Filter with Single Voltage / Current Input

Hossein Baghbany, Seyed Mohammad Ali Riyazy and Seyed Mostafa Bijani

In this paper, a multi-mode filter has been proposed and designed using operational trans-conductance amplifier (OTA) and grounded capacitors. Circuit of the proposed filter uses operational trans-conductance amplifier with multiple outputs (MO-OTA), operational trans-conductance amplifier with single output (OTA), two grounded capacitors and six switches. In this circuit, switches have been used for creating different modes including voltage mode, current mode, trans-conductance mode and trans-resistance mode. The proposed multi-mode circuit can simultaneously provide High-pass (HP), Band-pass (BP), Low-pass (LP), Band-rejection (BR) responses in the five output terminals. The parameters of the quality factor (Q) and natural frequency (?-o) of filter, can be adjusted electronically by Truns-conductance gain of OTA and values of separated grounded capacitors. Therefore, the quality factor (Q) without impact on the amount of natural frequency (?-o) can be adjusted. The sensitivity of the active and passive circuit parameters are low. Simulation with the H-Spice software confirmed the theory analysis results.
Keywords: Filter, multi mode, OTA-C, Biquad , grounded capacitors.

The Study of Effects of Investitive Measures of Oil and Natural Gas Industry on Economic Development of Iran through Utilization of Cognitive Map

Feryal Farmani and Mostafa Kazemi

Nowadays, the issue of energy has been implemented within economic, environmental and global key plans and the future of this vital issue constitutes one of the major parts of various prospecting plans. Although there have been considerable developments in utilization of biodiesels, solar and wind energies, it is estimated that within the upcoming 25 years, fossil fuels will be the only reliable energy sources for facing future energy crisis. In our country, oil and natural gas are considered main energy sources. Economic development is an issue all governments consider one of the most important factors in prosperity and advancement of any country. In the literature of economic growth, facilitation of qualitative and quantitative factors in production is of utmost importance. This research is an attempt to study the effects of investitive measures of oil and natural gas industry on economic development of Iran. In the pursuit of the study, after the recognition of effective variables, the relationships between these variables are established through utilization of cognitive map.
Keywords: Investitive Measures of Oil and Natural Gas Industry, Economic Growth, Cognitive Map.

Production of Flavored Low Lactose Milk Powder with A Small Spray Dryer
SeyedehZeynab Hatami Takami, SeyedReza Hejazian and Razmik Beglaryan

In this study, after preparing low lactose milk with the help of lactase enzyme, it was flavored with banana extract and cocoa powder, separately. The ready mass was dried in spray drying machine which designed and made with the dimension of 2.27 m height and 2 m widths and finally flavored low lactose milk powder was obtained. The spray dryer was a co-current type. In this study the physico-chemical, bacteriological and organoleptic properties of the flavored (banana puree and cocoa powder) low lactose milk powder were examined also. The flavored low lactose milk powder after being dissolved in water becomes a very pleasant beverage with about 0.5 % lactose. As a result, lactose intolerant people could consume it easily obtaining the useful properties of the dairy products. The above mentioned types of milk can also be consumed by lactose non-sensitive people. The consumption of this new product will surely be a good prophylaxis against different diseases that the treatment of which demands high expenses.
Keywords: Spray dryer, low lactose, milk, powder, lactose intolerance.

The Effect of Stability and Predictability of Profit on Stock Market Value

Mohammadreza Hosseinimasoum, Ghader Esfidani and Neda Hosseinimasoum

The results of researches confirm that the reported "net income" contain information which is related to company’s stock price valuation and economic performance of firms. But since there are income measurement process failure such as conflicts of interest between managers and shareholders it is needed to estimate and predict the future and taking advantages of several methods of accounting and other factors cause to increase the information content of profit and optimal use of this element in decision models will be threatened . One of the ways to deal with failure is disclosure and reporting of information to facilitate assess the “quality of earnings”. In this paper after presenting the components of profit, the impact of stable and predictable profit on the market value of common stock have been investigated using multivariate regression and time series models. With assessment of characteristics of earning quality using both earnings stability criterion and predictable income was clear that there is a direct relationship between earnings quality and stock market value. Whatever the quality of profit is high, stock market value will increase.
Keywords: Stable earnings, predictable earnings, the stock market value.

Full Industrial Automatic Free- Falling Ball Viscometer
Fariba Khalili, Mojtaba Ranjbar and Mehdi Ghasem Beygi

One of the important specifications of fluids is viscosity which is defined as the fluid resistance to shear stress. This parameter has special importance in various industries such as petroleum and lubricating and car industries .Due to the importance of this parameter, various apparatuses have been developed to accurately measure viscosity .In this research an apparatus is presented which works by means of free falling and modern technologies and has the ability to measure viscosity quickly and with high accuracy in industries. Due to the fact that viscosity changes with temperature and its changes with temperature is an important parameter in designing and developing other apparatuses which use viscous fluids , special attention has been paid in building this apparatus and it has the ability to quickly and very accurately and easily measure viscosity at various temperatures by installing the necessary systems . In addition, by connecting the system to a computer, special facilities have been made for the user such as the appearing and processing and printing this parameter. Also regarding this design, this apparatus is able to be used by gases and Newtonian fluids .By comparing the results to the standard data. The error of the apparatus is estimated to be 0.5 percent.
Keywords: Viscometer, Viscosity, Free Fall.